Penny Sharman


We live between walls filled with wattle and daub. If you listen slowly
you can hear time run amongst the bricks. We do our daily habits in rooms;
we wash our faces and comb hair. Everyday we eat breakfast and lock
the front door when we leave. With each inhalation we breathe in what
we imagine to be clean air, even on top of a mountain or on the streets
of Mumbai, we kid ourselves, believe we are lucky. It’s enough to realise
we are awake in this dream of cash in our pockets and bread on the
table. It’s enough to open our eyes and see a blue sky and cumulonimbus
white-stuff. Some bird of paradise might tell us it will be okay, that the lost
tribes will wander no more, that shantytowns, displaced people camps,
sleepers on the streets, humanitarian good will, will not be normal
anymore. We live in a world of singularities, detached from the costume
of tribe, a rainbow of cloth and dance, ritual of sweet grass and drum,
bare feet on the soil. We live in dreams of more is more and less is
superficial. It’s enough to feel a mattress under a body, it’s enough to hold
out a hand, feel someone’s palm. It’s enough to gaze into a lovers eyes,
it’s enough to smile. Did I ever know my tribe of healers, witches, shamans,
herb-makers, tree-talkers, painters of caves, do I ever think of them now?



Penny is a qualified Complimentary Therapist with over 20 years experience. She is also a counselor, a healer and an awesome cook! Penny is a photographer and artist, but her focus for over 15 years has been writing poetry. Penny has an MA for Creative writing from Edge Hill University. She has had over 100 poems published in magazines such as The Interpreter’s House, Obsessed with Pipework, Strix, The North, Ink Sweat & Tears and Beautiful Dragons Anthologies.

Penny’s pamphlet Fair Ground 2019 published by Yaffle Press and her first Collection Swim With Me In Deep Water 2019 published by Cerasus Poetry are available to buy from her website: pennysharman.co.uk

Penny’s second collection is to be published in 2020/2021 by Knives Forks & Spoons Press.

earth shadow


Stephen Kingsnorth – The Earth Shadow Poems

Welcome to Earth Shadow.

Over the coming months we’ll be showcasing a series of poems from writers from around the world based on themes of climate change and the environment.


Dusky Cloud

What cloud formation,
storm gathering phenomenon,
that the dark should so plunge and curl?
Curving like first grim screen-saver,
twirling without pinwheel stick,
how the sweep, when gust holds still,
how dusky changes into night,
charcoal to the shade of grey?
Till they on pier-pile-starlings
or girders settle, flight-
murmurations fill
the wheeling sky.

Stephen Kingsnorth, retired from ministry in the Methodist Church, has had pieces accepted for publication by Nine Muses Poetry; Voices Poetry Blog; Eunoia Review; Runcible Spoon; Ink Sweat and Tears; The Poetry Village; The Seventh Quarry; Gold Dust; From the Edge and Allegro Poetry Magazines. https://poetrykingsnorth.wordpress.com/



Earth’s shadow or Earth shadow is the shadow that Earth itself casts onto its atmosphere and into outer space, toward the antisolar point. During twilight (both early dusk and late dawn), the shadow’s visible fringe (sometimes called the dark segment or twilight wedge) appears in a clear sky as a dark and diffused band low above the horizon.