The Cotton Grass Appreciation Society has arrived and is now available to order from our on-line shop – Shop

All orders received in July receive a free art card featuring our wonderful cover image, The Cotton Path by David Coldwell. Don’t miss out on your First Edition copy of this wonderful collection featuring:

Ken Evans, Ben Banyard, Georgie Woodhead, Roy Marshall, Mark Totterdell, Cheryl Pearson, Gill Lambert, Peter R White, Carola Groom, MW Bewick, Ian Harker, Alicia Fernandez, Gaia Holmes, Simon Armitage, Neil Clarkson, Sarah Pritchard, Amanda Huggins, Graham Ramsden, Sarah Watkinson, Sarah Dixon, Gene Groves, Rosemary Badcoe, Jack Faricy, Anne Steward, Cora Greenhill, Lisa Holmes, Tim Taylor, Tom Weir, Helen Angell, Sarah James, Clint Wastling, Gill McEvoy, Jo Haslam, Heather Cobb, Sandra Burnett, Sally Brown, Hillary Robinson, Hannah Stone, Penny Sharman, Linda Goulden, Tracy Dawson, Alison Lock, Matthew Walsh, Nick Allen, Penny Blackburn, Peter Burrows


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