Poem, Poetry

Maggie Reed

Blue and White Cup

On the shelf in Granny’s bungalow in Jodhpur
part of the tea-service trembling in the earthquake,
sole survivor on the mantelpiece at Barton Vicarage.

You could swallow only two mouthfuls of tea
from this porcelain, straight-edged cup,
hold it with your little finger straight.

The keys it holds have lost their locks,
under the ivory elephant a safety pin,
a black and white photo of me, aged 14.

When I’m gone it will be found by the grandchildren,
dropped, perhaps, on the footpath, smashed,
scuffed under a bush, unearthed by developers,
collected by a writer with new stories to tell.

Maggie Reed, originally from Cumbria, now lives in the Malverns, Worcestershire. She has been published in The North magazine, Pennine PlatformOrbis, Three Drops from a Cauldron, Poetry Birmingham, Unpsychology, The Lake, The Beach Hut and Message in a Bottle, as well as numerous anthologies, including Places of Poetry.

Poem, Poetry

Aziz Dixon

Rebecca Jones
inspired by O! Tyn y Gorchudd by Angharad Price

Now you’ve read my story
you can see we might have met
that day you came down
off the mountain
in a storm,
with your dad.

You saw a roofless cottage,
sheep in the parlour,
bracken sprouting from the stove,
but I was quilting
by the fire.

Now you’ve seen my grave
you know when I died,
not in Mametz Wood
but here, of diptheria,
like my brother.

I slept a hundred years
until an author gave me a life,
peace, old age
that ends in rain
in the farm where it all began.

Aziz Dixon is drawn to landscapes of the heart, and to Wales, and searches for poem seeds in stillness and in daily life. 

He was excited to publish his first pamphlet as a Maytree Press, Three Trees edition.

Poem, Poetry

Mick Jenkinson

Beyond the Espaliered Pear Tree

It was all mine
In spring, it became a barrier
impenetrable to the eye of the house
But beyond the pear tree
the air-raid shelter beckoned….
It’s black mouth
uneasy smells
indescribable puddles
and fears that had to be faced

And the green shed
that did not seem to be used for anything much –
far too vast for reasonable utility
but a trove of unnamed rusting machinery
tins of unidentified treasure
A gothic mansion of dream and adventure
with vaulted rafters and sunset bats

Then, the tree house
hastily assembled by immature hands
in the swaying canopy of a silver birch
using unfamiliar tools
How did I never fall to earth?

Mick Jenkinson

Mick is a poet, songwriter, musician and events organiser from Doncaster. As well as being an organiser for Doncaster Folk Festival, he also runs Well Spoken! a monthly poetry night at Doncaster Brewery. His second poetry pamphlet, When the Waters Rise, was published by Calder Valley Poetry in November 2019.

Poem, Poetry

Tim Taylor

Croham Hurst in the Mist

Formless and inviolate,
bright shadow cloaks the hillside,
stealing all distance and direction,
concealing traps – the exposed root, the hidden pool.
Eyes suffused with light but seeing nothing
allow mind to concoct nameless horrors
just beyond the veil.

Enough of fairy tales:
there is a spectral beauty
in this open but secluded place
screened from the buzz of human busyness.
The land, the trees reveal themselves by inches:
outstretched hands and probing footsteps map
the pure topography of space.

Tim Taylor lives in Meltham, West Yorkshire. His poems have appeared in various magazines and anthologies, and his first collection, Sea Without a Shore, was published in 2019 by Maytree Press. He has also published two novels.



Poem, Poetry

Chiara Salomoni


as the Ladin people call it;
a look towards the sky
when it appears at sunrise, sunset.

The stones of the highest peaks –
Cime di Lavaredo, Pale di San Martino –
turn pink and lilac

once King Laurin’s layer of roses.
Solid stones uplift crosses,
religious shrines along the way.

With the Dolomites’ air in their lungs
visitors, pilgrims, locals
bow to nature’s miracle.

Chiara Salomoni is a poet and translator. Her poems appear on Vivienne Westwood’s website and in The Blue Nib. Her translation of Silvio Ramat’s poem received an Honorable Mention in the Stephen Spender Prize. Her translations appear in Poem and in The Blue Nib. She is a member of the Tideway Poets.