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Kevin Higgins

All The Angel of History Sees Now
“His face is turned toward the past.” Walter Benjamin

The leaping orange
of make-do cremations in New Delhi car parks,
the bones being taken away to be crushed;
the Cold Blob loitering in the far north,
planning who knows what for the weather;
the National Park only slightly
less on fire than yesterday;
bargain slave children to be had
in the market squares of
newly liberated Libya.

His eyes never settle on what
the things he witnesses will overthrow,
what they will force to be born

bawling its purple jowled displeasure
at being expelled from the quiet life
into a future it cannot know
but must nevertheless make.

In 2016 The Stinging Fly magazine described Kevin Higgins as “likely the most read living poet in Ireland. His poems have been quoted in The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Times (London), Hot Press, The Daily Mirror and on The Vincent Browne Show, and read aloud by film director Ken Loach at a political meeting.

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