Colin Bancroft

Vanishing Point

We were coming down through the woods at Gibside
And you were telling me about your drawing,
How you were learning all about perspectives,
About how vanishing points represent the place
On the horizon where all parallel lines diminish,
How they angle in together until they intersect
And everything is pulled into one space.
When we reached the path you showed me what you meant,
How the treeline curved into the grey stone
Of the track which bent around the grassy bank
Until nothing was truly discernible.
And now, standing here without you,
Now all your lines have finally drawn together
Into your own receding, and the memories of you
Are becoming nothing more than a replay of that moment’s
Altered perception, these woods and the grass
And this path stretching into an unfathomable distance,
I think I finally understand.

Colin Bancroft is currently finishing a PhD on Robert Frost. His pamphlet ‘Impermanence’ was released with Maytree Press in 2020 and ‘Kayfabe’ with Legitimate Snack|Broken Sleep in June 2021. He runs The Poets’ Directory website and Nine Pens Press.

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