Poem, Poetry

Thomas Piekarski

Spring Break

Nothing shows age
like a curse—veins
popped out, liver spots.

At times when it hails
ice crystalizes
on a blind man’s eyes.

Anatomy altered:
the cat clawed Meg,
a little love swipe.

Consequences loom,
so take action now
or drop the cause.

The ship manifest details
plentiful cargo to fulfil
every viable aspiration.

Communication falters,
but don’t get flippant,
for you have no gills.

Properly mated couples
treasure coexistence
despite inevitable death.

Gather tulips and dreams,
cash in on romance,
acquire gold by the ton.

Bending to touch toes
an ache may appear
then suddenly vanish.

The wind unleashed,
it’s a thrill to drift
for miles like an eagle.

Thomas Piekarski is a former editor of the California State Poetry Quarterly. His poetry has appeared in numerous publications, including Taj Mahal Review, Poetry Quarterly, Literature Today, Poetry Salzburg, South African Literary Journal, The Frogmore Papers, and many more. His books of poetry are Ballad of Billy the Kid, Monterey Bay Adventures, and Mercurial World.