Poem, Poetry

Sarah L Dixon

The only monsters I am scared of are those I invent
(line from Frank Dixon, aged 7)

The one with the long arms
that breathes itself flat
as I reach inside the wardrobe
to check for intruders.
Its arms are looping in and out of hangers.

Or the one that crunches gravel
behind me on dark country drives
or breaks branches as I think
the woods have become eerily silent
for 2pm on a Tuesday.

Or the one that lies beside me
mimicking the pattern of this week’s duvet.
Today it had sunrise hair and triangle toes,
is constructed of rusts and mustards.
It will weigh down my night in all the wrong places
and whisper the most annoying songs,
but only one line, over and over,
so I wake, confused and repeating it at dawn.

Sarah L Dixon lives in Linthwaite, Huddersfield. Sarah’s inspiration comes from being in and by water and adventures with her son, Frank. Sarah misses pubs, poetry adventures in other cities and seeing the sea. http://thequietcompere.co.uk/