Poem, Poetry

Kate Young

On the Brink

Perched high on a rooftop tile
a gull catches my eye.
Its beak is greed-wide,
closes with curve of a question.

Stirred by urban-scape and bin
it pecks at logo
moulded in yellow,
and ingests the waste of it.

A crack of plastic twists,
releases a fizz of bubbles
in gutter. It flows, uncontrolled
to oceans drained to stone-grey.

Pinkened lungs
of coral sponge
give way to skeletal bone
stark against a scalded sky

the flare of forest fire,
its tongue curled in hunger.
We pray for rain,
the surge and quench of flood.

I sense a slowing of wing and fin,
a quickening pulse,
the rhythm of ink penned,
blue-lipped on the brink.

Kate Young’s poems have appeared in Ninemuses, Ekphrastic Review, Words for the Wild, Poetry on the Lake, and a Scottish Writers Centre chapbook. She also had poems in Places of Poetry and Write Out Loud. Her winning pamphlet A Spark in the Darkness is due to be published with Hedgehog Press. Find her on Twitter @Kateyoung12poet.