Poem, Poetry

David Pike

Walking Up The Streets Of Vicksburg

Ovingham was pop’s favourite stretch of the river
But where we stopped, I don’t know,
I only remember the road and the trees on both sides of the river;
A place where old Sundays go.

Lucidly, I dreamed me
And because expansiveness was easy,
Was on top of the steps of my exuberance;
Spoiled for choice of familiar scenery.

And I pictured it:
Walking up the streets of Vicksburg,
In receipt from the start of one onlooker’s appraisal;
Dressed to kill for some occasion.

David Pike: Born 1951, Co. Durham. Attended Royal College of Art. Future and previous publications include: Poetry Salzburg Review (3 poems) – Issue 37 (Spring/Summer 2021) Envoi (2020) The Leeds Debacle (2014) Lines Poetry Magazine (Northumberland) 1969-72 Poems and illustrations.