Poem, Poetry

Emma Wells

Carbonito de Sophie

A fairytale bird
with chapters as feathers;
its long tail, the spine.
It’s a chirping paint palette
displaying nuanced pastels
amidst striking primary strokes.

A rarity, believed extinct,
spotting one is a gold coin
etched with a unique design –
one of a kind, like remembered lovers.

He chirrups, branch to branch,
narrating fragmented fairytales,
weaving imagery like nest twigs
adding downy details
with a calligraphic feather tip.

He’s a teller of folklore,
likes to add his own spin –
each feather encloses
childhood tales:
Little Red Riding Hood,
one of his favourites –
her red iconic cloak mirrors
his cherry-topped head,
like a subversive robin
pumping psychedelic plumage
akin to an avian rapper.

Vivacious purple markings
boost him to regal heights;
his retellings now legendary
like King Arthur.
Hordes of wildlife queue
longing a quick glimpse,
travelling from afar
to mystic Asian lands
where boreal forests
camouflage emerald daubs.

His pin-pointed black eyes
are boundless tales,
ribboning across centuries
as a foretelling oracle:
each chirp a moral message;
every climax, a warning.

Allegories drop like raindrops
from plumed pages;
sky-raised hungry mouths
drink ravenously,
absorbing wise,
well-crafted, timeless fables.

His ocean blues
shimmer in satiating sun:
azure splashes
are a mermaid’s pearls,
resplendently bending
to liquidised time –
here fantastical folklore
dyes legendary feathers
to rainbow quills.

Each quill is a pen;
every multihued spotting,
a muse.

Emma Wells is an English teacher and a mother to a six year old daughter. She writes poetry and short stories as she enjoys the creative freedom that it allows. She has been writing creatively for nearly two years. She has poetry printed in The World’s Greatest Anthology, The League of Poets, The Lake, The Beckindale Poetry Journal, Dreich Magazine, Drunken Pen Writing and as part of the Ledbury Poetry Festival. 

She has published short stories in Aurora & Blooms Creative Arts Journal and Visual Verse. She is currently writing her first novel.   

Loud Voices Silent Streets have aired an audio performance written by Emma. It is a dramatic monologue spoken as Cathy Linton from Emily Bronte’s, Wuthering Heights.