Poem, Poetry

Martha Landman

In the Writing Class on Building Character

Kate lets slip sideways she’s a lawyer, prosecuting
now against animal cruelty. She speaks with a lisp.
Says she works on a project that reads like case files.
She realises she left her glasses in the car,
rushes out, comes back, takes the presenter’s
water to swallow her Nurofen, (the last in the packet)
notices her mistake, asks who else wants water,
fetches water from the counter, hands out glasses,
keeps the bottle on her lap, laughs when Henry
gently takes it and passes it around. Her writing
drags you into an outback pub so authentic
you feel the flies on your arm. Our next exercise —
to write to a tree as if we just had the happiest day.

Martha Landman writes in South Australia. Her work has appeared online and in anthologies in the UK, US, Australia and South Africa. Her chapbook, Between Us, was published by Ginninderra Press in November 2019.

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