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Aziz Dixon

Rebecca Jones
inspired by O! Tyn y Gorchudd by Angharad Price

Now you’ve read my story
you can see we might have met
that day you came down
off the mountain
in a storm,
with your dad.

You saw a roofless cottage,
sheep in the parlour,
bracken sprouting from the stove,
but I was quilting
by the fire.

Now you’ve seen my grave
you know when I died,
not in Mametz Wood
but here, of diptheria,
like my brother.

I slept a hundred years
until an author gave me a life,
peace, old age
that ends in rain
in the farm where it all began.

Aziz Dixon is drawn to landscapes of the heart, and to Wales, and searches for poem seeds in stillness and in daily life. 

He was excited to publish his first pamphlet as a Maytree Press, Three Trees edition.

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