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Mick Jenkinson

Beyond the Espaliered Pear Tree

It was all mine
In spring, it became a barrier
impenetrable to the eye of the house
But beyond the pear tree
the air-raid shelter beckoned….
It’s black mouth
uneasy smells
indescribable puddles
and fears that had to be faced

And the green shed
that did not seem to be used for anything much –
far too vast for reasonable utility
but a trove of unnamed rusting machinery
tins of unidentified treasure
A gothic mansion of dream and adventure
with vaulted rafters and sunset bats

Then, the tree house
hastily assembled by immature hands
in the swaying canopy of a silver birch
using unfamiliar tools
How did I never fall to earth?

Mick Jenkinson

Mick is a poet, songwriter, musician and events organiser from Doncaster. As well as being an organiser for Doncaster Folk Festival, he also runs Well Spoken! a monthly poetry night at Doncaster Brewery. His second poetry pamphlet, When the Waters Rise, was published by Calder Valley Poetry in November 2019.

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