Poem, Poetry

Chiara Salomoni


as the Ladin people call it;
a look towards the sky
when it appears at sunrise, sunset.

The stones of the highest peaks –
Cime di Lavaredo, Pale di San Martino –
turn pink and lilac

once King Laurin’s layer of roses.
Solid stones uplift crosses,
religious shrines along the way.

With the Dolomites’ air in their lungs
visitors, pilgrims, locals
bow to nature’s miracle.

Chiara Salomoni is a poet and translator. Her poems appear on Vivienne Westwood’s website and in The Blue Nib. Her translation of Silvio Ramat’s poem received an Honorable Mention in the Stephen Spender Prize. Her translations appear in Poem and in The Blue Nib. She is a member of the Tideway Poets.