Poem, Poetry

J. S. Watts

City Lightscapes

My body is many cities
built up unconsciously as time travelled through,
arterial highways blaring along my veins,
each struggling rudely for its space in the light
that place where the street lamps shine
their, once dirty yellow, now cleanly focused white
to drive away darkly blurred memories
trying to impose their own no go,
road ahead closed,
on the complicated routes of the heart.
I cannot now say which one was home.
They all were. None.

I have traversed each one equally,
lived inside their laments,
hauling my legs across the heavy grey pavements
of every geographically separate construct,
feeling their individual aches
through the soles of my calloused feet.
Maybe that is why I now choose to walk
forward on greening, mud-squelched paths,
learning the dirt of this settlement
the sky widely illuminated by bird song.

J.S.Watts is a poet and novelist. Her books include: poetry – “Cats and Other Myths”, “Years Ago You Coloured Me”, “Songs of Steelyard Sue” and “The Submerged Sea”, and novels – “A Darker Moon” “Witchlight” and “Old Light”. See www.jswatts.co.uk