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Joe Williams

Owl & Pussycat v.62
(after Edward Lear)

The owl and the pussycat climbed a tree
(well, the owl didn’t climb, it flew).
By then, of course, they were close to divorce –
inevitable, as we knew.
The owl, being wise, saw a chance to devise
an experiment on nature’s laws.
She called out Twit-woo as she proved it untrue
that a cat always lands on its paws, its paws,
that a cat always lands on its paws.

Joe Williams is a writer and performing poet from Leeds. His latest book is ‘This is Virus’, a sequence of erasure poems made from Boris Johnson’s letter to the UK during the Covid-19 pandemic. His verse novella ‘An Otley Run’, was shortlisted for Best Novella at the 2019 Saboteur Awards.

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