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Jane Lovell


 In the forest
 the last willow tit is listening
 to the wind carry away
 her song,
                 is listening
 to the wind
 bring back its silence.

 We have her song
               in our hearts,
 on our screens,
 interpret the algorithms
 to engineer a new carrier
 for its pine-needle notes:

 soft moss feathers,
 the thinnest eggshell skull,
 legs, stalks
                from a beech leaf
 and a beak of thorn.

 We shall create a flurry,
 a cloud,
                a tide of them,
 set them free to flit
 into the forests

               where the air
 will come alive
 and the days whirr
               with the brilliance
 of wing and song.

Jane Lovell is an award-winning poet whose work focuses on our relationship with the planet and its wildlife. Her latest collection This Tilting Earth is published by Seren. Jane also writes for Dark Mountain and Elementum Journal. She is Writer-in-Residence at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. Her new collection 'God of Lost Ways' is forthcoming from Indigo Dreams Press later this year.
Her website is here:

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