Beautiful Creatures, Poem, Poetry

Sheree Mack

Herring Gull

As common as white bulky clouds,
they eat almost anything, with their sharp
yellow bills with red spot, like blood.

In my ignorance, I labelled them all the same.
Seagulls. Because I saw them at the coast.
But when their wailing and yelping

moved in land, mum would say,
it must be rough at sea. In my ignorance,
I labelled them bullies and brutes

deserving of all the violence that befell
their grey winged bodies. Perhaps,
their increase in numbers and size

is due to a readily available supply
of edible refuse, of waste, or human error?

Sheree Mack is a Creatrix living on the North East Coast of England. She facilitates visual journaling workshops, nationally and internationally, supporting women in their exploration of their authentic voices. She is currently writing about traveling and working in Iceland as well as the next instalment of her creative non-fiction memoir. More of her work is available at