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Martha Landman – 2 poems

Autumn Rhythm (Number 30) 1950 Jackson Pollock  

a broken peace-sign far off to the left
doll-like figures to the right, in ancient garb

the land is burnt, trees infused with anger
pour their grief across the horizon

this forest should’ve been green
not strewn with dead birds

kangaroo faces, a large peacock covered in ash
there’s no untangling of this mess

make of it what you want
it’s all painted, the colour of despair

A Rocking Pendulum
after Georges Seurat, 1891, Le Cirque

It’s a circus out there!
Children and adults alike
absorbed and arrested
in mystical night air.
Clowns laugh, acrobats fly.

Dare devils juggle precisely
troupes throw paste, squirt water
my little brother squeals in fear —
It’s a circus out there!
Yes, a lyrical affair!

Where wishes are horses
and weirdest, wildest, fastest
allow a small window of error
a rocking pendulum —
the circus out there!

Martha Landman writes in South Australia. Her work has appeared online and in print in US, UK, Australia and South Africa, the latest in New Contrast, the Plum Tree Tavern and Sparks of Calliope.