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Sarah Barr

St Helen’s Oratory, Cornwall

Coracle-shaped, moored in a field,
it is snug despite being roofless
with low, square gaps for windows.

There would once have been an altar,
maybe rushes on the mud floor,
wool covers on seats, clay bowls.

Four people at most could fit inside.
Joined to it, the living space
curves its walls over the uneven turf.

The sea is a bird’s swoop below.
Winter sun glints on the reef
and on cars parked along the lane.

Dolphins still come to the cove.

Sarah Barr’s poetry and short fiction have been widely published in magazines, anthologies and newspapers. Among the prizes won by her poems are 1st in The Frogmore Prize 2015 and National Memory Day 2018 competition, and placed in the Bridport Prize 2010 and 2016. Sarah writes about relationships and has particular interests in psychological, social and environmental issues. She tutors creative writing and leads a Dorset Stanza group. Her poetry pamphlet is due to be published by Maytree Press later in 2020.

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  1. This captures the atmosphere of these ancient places. I like the images – “moored in a field” and “sea is a bird’s swoop below”.


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