earth shadow, Poem, Poetry

Roz Weaver

A Bigger Picture

We measure space as the distance between two objects;
destinations, travel time, our indecisive minds.
In the middle exists inertia’s shelved life –
TV screens and celebrity magazines
injecting the senses with anti-ageing regimes
till every self-love drugs test comes back clean.
When did we turn numb to natural beauty,
who decided we are done with the inbetween?
This Earth is crying for our attention
neglected more as years pass by,
it broke the sky to give us thunder and lightening
but we all just stayed inside, texting loved ones
with apologies for the minutes we had been away
and blaming the storm for poor phone signal.
We think this planet owes us a cloudless day
like it hasn’t already sacrificed its riches;
how could the rain be so selfish?



Roz is a spoken word performer and internationally published poet living in West Yorkshire. She has been published most recently with Dear Damsels, Poetica Review and Token Magazine. Her work has been on exhibit with London Design Festival and performed at Leeds International Festival and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Instagram: @weaverroz