Peter Donnelly

Fields and Trees
Lines written after viewing a book of art by David Hockney.

It was as though the countryside
had been electrified

in its colouration and pixilation –
a hue almost radioactive,

or heavily filtered.

The canvas of perception moves
with the seconds; the car in motion.

But this is nature, of a variety, as it stands,
and how it has stood. What I thought it to be

whitewashed by what I am currently seeing,
or by what is currently being seen:
the renewal

ongoing: windows of perception refreshed.
Limited detail

in sharp focus.

Peter Donnelly’s first collection, Photons, was published by Appello Press in 2014. Following its publication, playwright Frank McGuinness commented that “Peter Donnelly already shows he has a strong imagination; indeed, a savage one presents itself on occasion when the beautiful and brutal confront and confound each other.” His second collection, Money Is a Kind of Poetry, was published by Smokestack Books in 2019.

1 thought on “Peter Donnelly”

  1. A vivid poem which captures Hockney – especially the landscapes currently at Saltaire – but moves beyond into something more. Very accomplished writing. I did wonder if pixilation should have been pixelation – they are two different things and I couldn’t get pixilation to work at first though the sense of stop-motion induced by viewing from a moving car would be appropriate.


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