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Will Daunt

Arnside Knott

Colours are leaving early as July
dries draining the greens that clothe its usual
flux of maybe-cloud breaks from days away
and family-fed cook ups of duty-cum-
guilt served out on greasy lawns         The Knott's not
far         above Arnside's covert homes that queue
to hear the rattled rack of trains         salt marsh
lambs and folk reversing from their memories
Up there I saw it all       the sanded shades
of river-slouch        the bay a sheet of stains.

Will Daunt recently edited Eddie Wainwright’s selected poems: Pleading At The Bar of Truth, and his sixth collection of poetry Landed was published by Lapwing in 2013. Gerard Manley Hopkins: the Lydiate Connections was published in 2019, and he’s reviewed for Envoi, Pulsar, New Hope International and Tears in the Fence.

The sequence ENGLAND EDGING features 100 poems of 100 syllables.

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