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Leah Kean

What is This Pretty World?

Face-down cactus man,
your drought drowned in the river —
a wild potato is not a sweet pea.

For you
there is depth of bloom behind withered sparsity
and a curve of the world behind every cloud —

because what is this pretty world,
but an oyster
to be cracked open and devoured?

Imagination gives possibility to the ordinary —
sets all the intricacies of cities
in the palm of a single leaf.

Think of how our heaviest moments are brief.

One drop of rain
trickling down
can refresh an entire soul.

What is in this room? Nothing.

But out—swinging for fruit,
body soaked to the root,
you are hanging by the boughs

of a still virginal meadow.

Leah Keane is a native of Castlerea, County Roscommon, Ireland. She recently graduated from NUI Galway with a BA in English, German and Creative Writing. Unsurprisingly, she is now a barista. Leah has studied poetry under Kevin Higgins, and was longlisted for the Over the Edge New Writer of the Year competition in 2017. Her work has been published in Poetry Ireland Review and Skylight 47.

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