earth shadow, Poetry

Aziz Dixon

Cofiwch Dryweryn
(Remember Tryweryn!)There are places in Wales
I do not go, do not watch
for bubbles to surface
from the nation’s soul,

do not sit in this bright curlew’d field
nor look for Hedd Wyn
wording peace in the train he took
to the front, single track

that shows its bones in drought,
skeleton in a drained desert,
graves smothered in concrete guilt
while the waters parted.

I do not look behind the Wild Wales
Adventure Centre for Ceridwen’s
salmon-otter sparrow-hawk
corn-hen to shape-shift

fifty-six years of water. Do not
turn off the taps in Liverpool,
desalinate the Mersey,
apologise, do not

forget this fulcrum of the hen iaith,
lily white on dragon red
on the road to Llanrhystud.
Cofiwch Dryweryn!

After RS Thomas, Reservoirs
Hen iaiath: old language, ie Welsh

Aziz Dixon draws on Pennine and Welsh landscapes and his sufi experience. His work featured in Best of Bolton, November 2017 and Burnley Creative, September 2019. His first pamphlet is forthcoming with Maytree Press.

earth shadow