Carolyn Oulton

Whoever I Am To Them

For the record,
I don’t come here to chase men.
My husband has never
played football in his life.
What I’m reading
really is a sequel
to Anne of Green Gables.

But this week Sylvia isn’t
thank you sorrysorry thank you.
Says she’d – shakes fist at – anyone
who wasn’t being kind to me.
Finds us something to laugh at,
says she could eat me. Of course I’m
just a stand-in. But I love her too.

Carolyn’s poetry has been widely published, including in: Artemis, Dream Catcher, The Frogmore Papers, Ink Sweat & Tears, Nine Muses, Orbis, The Poetry Village, The Moth and Seventh Quarry. Her most recent collection Accidental Fruit is published by Worple Press.

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