David Leo Sirois

The sound appears

Outburst of the last bird
looking for light

The sound appears as grey rain continues
emptying its quiver Falling staccato

Lights of living rooms conspire to wire the nights together
with almost-invisible seams
as prism’d eyes project patterns
where there are none &
make worlds attempt to function
without sun or sleep or space between

A mass of black skies
obscures secret illicit movements

In wind I live move have my being

I desired fame for the fruit
of a prayer’s drenched branches ~
trading the coin of that realm

Among ethereal oil paint landscapes
the sound appears
in waves of Payne’s grey & Alizarin crimson

Luminous hum

The sound Metallic drum
of a door as it clicks & locks

The sound wells up on lit streets of
midnight blue twilight

Whirling birds converse over the square

The sound appears
as bright broad symphonic chords

The sapphire here

The sound appears as breakdown highway rumble strip
& Paradiso song of intermingled birds

This ink silent
The sound appears

David Leo Sirois is a Canadian-American poet who lives in Madawaska, Maine. Poems have appeared in The Sunday Tribune Online, The Opiate, Those That This, THE BASTILLE, Belleville Park Pages, Paris Lit Up, Terre à Ciel, Two Words For, & more. Altogether, he has published over 75 pieces