Green Fields: Jonathan Humble

One of the truly amazing things that we have witnessed over the last few years is the growth of the Poetry Village and the associated groups and communities of people that surround the project. It goes without saying that Maytree Press is perhaps one of our proudest achievements, not only because of the wonderful books that now exist but because of the very special group of people involved, whether a writer, reviewer or supporter, they are all our special band of Maytree Folk.

It could be said that Jonathan is one of the original Maytree Folk; an early supporter of the project, an avid reviewer and now, we’re pleased to say, a future author as we look forward to the publication of his very own Maytree collection in the summer.

We had so many submissions from our Maytree Folk so thank you – we’re only sorry that we couldn’t include lots more. Keep writing and keep submitting – our new project, Earth Shadow is waiting for your poems.



Back To The Garden
after Joni Mitchell

The child of God had left the road
and formed a band within the farm,
encouraged souls to tie their sails
to stars in search of truth.

But when the message lost its way
and purpose morphed into a brand,
the truth was swapped for corporate dust
and gold became the god.

And bombers flew the routes they knew
and butterflies grew ever scarce
and as for carbon, over years,
the debt was never paid.

No search for gardens free of smog.
The cogs had seized and rusted up.
I lost the part that life had taught
through dance and lines of songs.

The pages turned and buried deep
those aspects from a greener time,
until the sound of Kendal’s call
brought Eden’s ghost awake.

The spirit of Max Yasgur’s farm
now haunts the fields at Lowther Park,
when Devil’s bargain, caught and bought,
defers for just four days.

So now we dance and sing as one
and laugh and love in sun or rain.
It’s all been heard but that’s alright;
the garden grows again.




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