Green Fields: Joe Williams

In the second of our Green Fields special we celebrate the legendary festival, Glastonbury, from Joe Williams. Green Fields: sorted for poems is now available to purchase direct from the Maytree store here

Glastonbury, Parts 1 & 2

The first time was magical,
baked in psychedelic sun,
a third summer of love.
Sat outside the dance tent,
passing smuggled spliffs,
our skins scraped the parched earth
to sounds curated by Massive Attack.
On stage, someone broke the news
John Major has resigned,
raised the biggest cheer of the day.

The second time was biblical,
rain-slapped, mud-soaked.
We didn’t see the papers that
compared it to the Somme.
Pre-mobile, we had no means
of contact over ravaged fields.
I never found out why
I ended up in the rescue van.
Must have been something in the whizz.

I waited for you for hours.