Hillary Hares


Cat Stevens drifts down from the record player
in the flat above, plucking at the heartstrings
of the triplets, who always have more fun than us.

Our couch, stained by other transient lives, lurks
beneath its orange nylon spread and spider-plants
throw half-formed shadows from their macramé nests.

The shelves boast a fine display of Mateus Rosé bottles,
candle-wax sliding from their shoulders like silk slipping
from Bardot. The meter ticks.

The kitchen is a cupboard with a Baby Belling and a broken
plastic bin but Che Guevara turns the listless, rented wall
into a revolution.

We are all on the Pill. Everything is expected of us.

Hilary Hares’ poems have found homes online, in print and in anthologies. She has a Poetry MA from MMU and has achieved success in a number of competitions. Her collection, A Butterfly Lands on the Moon supports Loose Muse, Winchester and Red Queen, is forthcoming from Marble Poetry in 2020.

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  1. This is amazing. Stirs so many emotions and evokes memories. Succinctly and profoundly nails the era!


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