Vinny Steed

Of Nothingness

I am holding two whole shillings of nothing, observing its heaviness, its uselessness.
-Eavan Boland. 

Not for the first time have I perceived the weightiness of light
and air, for that which does not exist, read the minds of brilliant poets
of salmon leaping disappearing weirs and felt a type of sadness 

for that woman who held two shillings, two perfectly preserved apples
of mind’s eye; for I too have clasped concrete blocks of nothingness
and in darkness felt the throat of the rasping actor’s voice. 

For I am folklore never proven, the promise of a golden day scratched clear.
What values can we place on unknown treasures? How best to hide
and store our hoard of what we never found nor pillaged? 

And I too have sensed forgotten purpose, the endless woman sifting
for her dead-long child, spores floating over scorched ground or an invention
of utter brilliance, never used. And in younger days I experienced loss 

of that which does not exist, for a love I never had or never knew, for words
that were never born and never used to describe places I had never been.
For all the times I didn’t know myself for what I was or was to become. 

Now I have joined the assembly line of uncertainties, small creations of the adept
universe, conceiving into being. I am the honey bee of my reality,
collector of ideas. I am the keening widow of memories I never had. 

So, amongst these lines I will rest somewhere, neither at its beginning
nor completion, but like the salmon languishing in pools of in-between;
not really knowing why or knowing when and not really caring all the same.

Vinny, from Galway, is widely published in poetry journals and anthologies both abroad and at home. Some journals and online sites that have featured his work include Crannog, Ofi Press Magazine, Boyne Berries, Windows 25th edition and Cinnamon Press anthology.  He will be the featured writer in American based journal Parhelion later this year.  He has been placed or shortlisted in numerous competitions during his short time writing.  He is working towards a first collection.