Joe Williams

Revolution 78

He slips the record from its sleeve,
flips it in his palms,
and with a flick of the wrist
sends it spinning through the air.

Goodbye, Pat Boone,
Tommy Steele,
Rosemary Clooney.

At well above seventy-eight rpm,
disc after disc goes flying to its death.
In each explosion, a shellac memory,

So long, Lonnie Donegan,
the Shadows,
Anthony Newley.

Make way for the Beatles,
the Animals,
the Kinks,
the future.


Joe Williams is a writer and performing poet from Leeds. His verse novella, ‘An Otley Run’, was shortlisted for the Best Novella category in the 2019 Saboteur Awards. It was published by Half Moon Books, who also published his pamphlet ‘Killing the Piano’ in 2017.

Twitter @JoeWilliamsPoet