Edmund Dixon

False Summit

She holds the notebook,
he, the camera. His back
curves to the mountain’s spine.
He kneels in cotton grass,
balances a tripod.

She sees through him to the sea,
the peaks they never climbed
together. He waits
for the shadows
to move.

It will be in black and white.
She waits,
remembers the first time
he took her


Aziz (Edmund) Dixon draws on local Pennine and Welsh landscapes and life experiences. He has been widely published both on-line and in print and his poems have also featured in the anthologies: Dusk, published by Arachne Press, Voices along the road: an anthology in aid of child refugees and Hippocrene: poems of nature and the spirit, Linford Press, 2017.


Image: The Cotton Path by David Coldwell