Thomas McColl


They’d worked for years on the same floor,
but Ruth, the superheroine department head,
seemed to take no notice
of Mark, the mild-mannered clerk,
in his drab grey suit.

Mark, though, had always noticed Ruth,
and no-one knew
that Mark was a daring superheroine too,
who gained the power of femininity
by dressing up like Ruth
while alone in his flat.

Whenever he was Ruth,
it felt, to Mark,
as if he could rule the world –
but that was just in his private world.

Mark knew full well
that if a fellow clerk caught sight
of the way he dressed himself each night,
the fabric of every dress he owned
would change, in an instant, to kryptonite
to sap his power and shatter his dreams,

and the stares he’d get the following morning
would have the strength to burn like laser beams.


Thomas McColl has had poems published in magazines such as Envoi, Iota, Prole and London Grip. A collection, Being With Me Will Help You Learn, was published in 2016 by Listen Softly London Press, and his work is showcased in Co-incidental 4, published by Black Light Engine Room Press.