Jacob Spivey

The Questions of Our Children

The danger of nostalgia:
dragging our children into a future,
where they will look back
and ask why this happened.

Ask why we acted,
With no sense and no plan,
and demand an explanation.
Because they will demand an explanation.

Will we tell them we were fed
on impossible promises?
Or explain it as a hunger
for the supposed ‘past glories’?

Gluttonous and ignorant,
we saw we were wrong.
But, too stubborn to back down,
we dragged ourselves along.

Our children will understand,
that they have to do better;
to prevent their own kids
from suffering at their hands.

And turning to them, broken,
to demand an explanation


Jacob is a writer who finds that the more mundane things in life – the things taken for granted – are often the most fascinating and defining. In his writing, he aims to explore these little bites of inspiration and try to make sense of them all.

Instagram: jacobspivey1