Ben Banyard

Exit Planet Dust

She looked up, all those nights
from her bedroom window,
marked out paths in the sky
where they’d flee.

Only the brightest stars
showed themselves in the city’s glare,
but they signposted
light years of travel.

Mum would have their bags
packed, a neat row in the hall.
There’d be another row,
the soft slap of fist on bone

and then they’d be off
without even closing the front door,
fast at first, stars smearing to white lines,
not one backward glance.


Ben Banyard lives in Portishead, near Bristol, UK. He’s the author of a pamphlet, Communing (Indigo Dreams, 2016) and a full collection, We Are All Lucky (Indigo Dreams, 2018). He blogs and posts mixtapes at https://benbanyard.wordpress.com and tweets @bbanyard.


Image: Waiting at Well Lane – ©David Coldwell.