Matt Duggan

Eating Myths in B-Minor

Riding mechanical wings
dolphins swerve like white sails
Flat roofs in Moorish amber;
Hooves of Pegasus are cooked
charcoaled with baby onions and raisins
in a Taverna named B-minor;
situated between the sleepy town of Hora
and the first steps to Olympus
twist a mountain from view
smell the fresh pine inhaled –
hear a sunset gather dust and dew;
cackles of ash – burning on a stove.

Mix red currents minted juniper
wings of a Moth Man removed
diced and marinated – 28 day cured
West Virginia meat moulded into small patties
cooked slowly over a medium heat.
Feast comes every Sunday
a fresh slice of the Goddess of Pulque
where 400 simmering Aztec breasts are soaked
in maguey sap; a slowly cooked dish aptly named
(Centzon Totochtin)
But do be warned as we’ve been told
that soon we’ll be as drunk as 400 rabbit gods.


Matt was born in 1971 and lives in Bristol in the U.K. with his partner Kelly. His poems have appeared in many journals across the world such as Osiris Poetry Journal, Ink, Sweat, and Tears, The Blue Nib, Into the Void, The Journal, The Dawntreader, Midnight Lane Boutique, Anti—Heroin Chic Journal, The High Window, A Restricted View from Under the Hedge, Ghost City Review, Laldy Literary Journal, L’ Ephemere Review, Carillion, Lakeview International Literary Journal, Levure Litteraire, erbacce journal, The Stray Branch, Prole, Black Light Engine Room, Militant Thistles, Matt won the Erbacce Prize for Poetry in 2015 with his first full collection of poems Dystopia 38.10 and became one of five core members at Erbacce-Press. In 2017 Matt won the Into the Void Poetry Prize with his poem Elegy for Magdalene, and read his work across the east – coast of the U.S.A. with readings at the prestigious Cambridge Public Library Poetry Series in Boston, a guest poet appearance at The Parkside Lounge and Sip This in New York, and also read at his first U.S. book launch in Philadelphia. Matt has two new chapbooks available One Million Tiny Cuts (Clare Song Birds Publishing House) and A Season in Another World (Thirty West Publishing House) plus a small limited edition booklet The Feeding (Rum Do Press) Venice and London. He has also read his work at Poetry on the Lake Festival in Orta, Italy, at the Poetry Café in London, in Paxos, Greece, and at various venues across the U.K. He runs and hosts his own poetry events and was highly commended in the Road to Clevedon Pier Poetry Anthology Competition. His second full collection Woodworm (Hedgehog Poetry Press) is due in Spring 2019.