Mark Connors

When You Dream About Bacon

the dead are trying to talk to you.
They want you to remember
their very best and worst:
how they lived, loved coped with stuff,
didn’t sweat the minutiae, trawled through all
the dramas: births, deaths, the details
in between: illness, madness, failures, joys:
all the evergreen worries of being here.
They are saying to remember their lives
is to be mindful of the pitfalls
and the things you need to get right.
They want you to honour their time
by ensuring if or when you fall,
you get up, dust down, crack on,
or if you can’t, seek help,
to do this in memory of them.


Mark Connors is a poet from Leeds, widely published in the UK and overseas. His debut pamphlet Life is a Long Song was published by OWF Press in 2015. His debut collection Nothing is Meant to be Broken was published by Stairwell Books in 2017. For further info visit Mark Connors